21sundays of Supernatural Solutions

21 Sundays of Supernatural Solutions

5th Sunday

Topic: Provoking Prophetic Intervention

Scriptural source: Hosea 12:13

The ministry of the prophet is powerful. Prophets are heaven emissaries who are dedicated to fulfilling God's mission in the life of men. The spirit of the prophet can go to the root/ source of your problem and bring solutions.

Provoking Prophetic intervention means stirring up the spirit of the prophet for your advantage. Prophetic intervention brings changes into every static situation. 2kings 2:19 -21. Prophetic Intervention changes pitiable and shameful situations to joy. It changes the tearful and fearful situation to come and see God's faithfulness. Luke 7:10-16

*How do I provoke Prophetic intervention?

1) Joy of the lord. Deut 28:47, 2 Kings 4 

2) Faith in God and the grace of God upon the Prophets. 2 Chl 2:20, Num 11:21

3)  By Honour 2 Kings 4:8

4) Generosity and kindness. Act 9: 16

5) Heart of worship. 2 Kings 3:14-15

*Hindrances to Prophetic Intervention are

 a) Lack of joy

 b) Familiarity


 d) Disobedience

Conclusively: It is a new birth of Christ Jesus that will make Prophetic intervention work in your life. You have to surrender your life to Christ today if you want Prophetic intervention in your life

Prayer: Lord, thou art my God, I know my changes are in your life, lord, intervene in my life today.

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