21 Sundays of Supernatural Solutions

Textual Source: Mathew 11:28-29

What is hardship? 

Hardship of life is a severe suffering and affliction. It births calamity and destruction. It is what ties human destiny on earth. Its mission is to make the great to little and success to failure. Hardship differs from hardness. 

Hardness can be endure because it is a circumstances surrounding your greatness( you need to pass through hardness to be great) but hardship is a demonic activity which the devil uses to make people  to be perpetually down and depressed.  It causes pain. It always press people's glory down. It disgrace, reduces and put men to shame. It is important you break free from hardship to live to a stress free life.

Hardship births calamity. It cripples destiny because it comes with restrictions and limitations. Hardship turns somebody to nobody. It makes people hide away from their peers. It is a bondage. Hardship is hardship, there is no other name to call it. Anyone under the bondage of hardship will never live peacefully.

One if the characteristics of hardship is POVERTY. We can have marital hardship, financial hardship, health hardship as well as economic hardship.

Examples of those that were delivered from hardship include:

1)The Israelites.  Exodus 2:23-25, 3:7, 5:9, 19 Hardship turns Israelites (great people) to slaves

2) Gideon . Judges 6:6

Way out: The way out is to accept the life of Christ because only the blood of Jesus can break the yoke of hardship in your life. The blood of Jesus is the last card of God for humanity. Only Christ can give u visibility and vision. Gen 13:14-15. God owns everything and can do everything but he will only give you what u can see.

How do I make the blood of Jesus work in your life?

1)You must have the knowledge of what the blood of Jesus has done. Ephesians 2:13

2)You must have faith in what you know

3) Declaration by faith the understanding of  what you know. Romans 5:9

What has this blood accomplished for us?

1) Justification.  We are justified by the blood of Jesus. Romans 5:9

2) The blood has destroyed Satan. Hebrews  2:14

3) It destroys fear of death. Revelation 12:15

4) We are perfected and liberated by the blood. 

    Heb 13:20- 21

Conclusion: You must accept Christ and his life to enjoy life. It is important you break the yoke of hardship because hardship does not glorify God.

Declaration: I receive my rest from the hardship of life by the blood of Jesus IJN

Every bondage/ yoke of hardship assigned to my life and family. Be broken IJN

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