To establish the house of God through the development of model New Testament Christian and Church.


Raising leaders, shaping vision and influencing the society through Christ.


The Church Salvation of Christ Mission Assembly was founded by Apostle Esther Oluwagbamilowoiya and held her 1st Service on Tuesday 16th of November 1971 with Children in attendance.
The servant and the Daughter of God Apostle Esther Oluwagbamilowoiya, received a revelation from God as she said below. I was praying in my house, Ayetoro, then I heard a voice said to me follow me and immediately I was caught up in spirit.

I saw a man with a long rod in his hand asked me to follow him that he has something to show me. He led me into a particular place in the city and he said look up behold the heaven was opened a tree with branch filled with leaves coming down towards where I was standing.

The man with a rod in his hand said to me, to stretch forth my hand and I did I he has instructed me and behold I received the plant but the root was held in heaven and there I heard a voice from heaven said to me load that “I am planting my church on the earth through you and said it shall be called (IJO – IGBALA TI KRISTI) THE SALVATION OF CHRIST MISSION ASSEMBLY. He Said To Me That the Leaves shall be for healing and restoration. And I asked about the root and he said to me he cannot release the root because of the enemy might want to uproot it but held in heaven.

Today, the revelation has been fulfilled; glory be to God. The headquarter is Oke-Aanu situated at Ore-ofe Street , Oke-Ijebu Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. The Church has given birth to various branches. It is worthy of note that the salvation of Christ mission assembly was founded by God through her servant prophetess Esther Badejoko. The church did not break away from any denomination or assembly.

With the help and the grace of Holy Spirit we could established another branch of the SCMA here in USA baltimore maryland.

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2 Timothy 3:16

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